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School Goal Rewards


If we collectively raise $40,000 Mrs. Rehfuss will dress as chicken and sit on the Marquee during arrival/dismissal. Also, each class will have the option to pick one of the following:  

  • Free Pajama Day

  • Extra Technology Time

  • Extra recess

  • Movie and Popcorn


Login to FundHub to see classroom and individual incentives and prizes.


Run Schedule

What you Need to Know


On Friday, April 19th, your child will be participating in a school wide Color Run. They will run 4 laps around a marked course, with their grade peers, during their schedule time. This event is a way to promote a healthier lifestyle as a way to get moving and exercise.


We encourage parents to come cheer on their child during their scheduled participation time, by making posters for their child, or big head cutouts, or just come to make some noise and give high fives to the kiddos.


 REMINDER: Please go to the front office before the race to get your visitor sticker, see link below to sign up. Also parent visitors are not allowed to throw powder at students, you must be a parent volunteer to do so. Here is the link if you would like to Volunteer. 



If you would like to volunteer but you don't see a time that fits with your schedule, please email thesptaspringfundraiser@gmail.com and we will find something that fits for you.


FRIDAY, April 19th


Your child's teacher will pass out a Color Run Shirt for them to wear during the race. They will be allowed to go to the bathroom beforehand to change into their shirts.

  • What to wear -  Color Run Shirt, tutu’s for the girls, crazy hats or headbands, fun colorful socks, sweat bands and appropriate running shoes, foot charms if earned. 
  • What to Bring -  Change of shirt, sunscreen, water bottle. 
  • Prizes -  If your child raised money and earned prizes, these will be passed out on Friday  by the teachers. 

If your student earned $50, they will have the opportunity to throw their individual color packet, before the race begins, as well as the sunglasses earned. 

Volunteer HERE

-Setup: filling up water coolers, setting up tables, inflating and staking down 2 rainbow inflatables, setting up trash cans, etc.
-All-Day Powder Volunteers: Spread out along the course and help throw the color powder on our students as they run by! **Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty!!
-Water Cooler Volunteers: Help man the water tables and pass out water as the kids make a pit-stop!
-Race Volunteers: Help refill the powder bottles, assist with anything our race coordinator needs during the day
-Prize Volunteer: Help pass out prizes to students who have earned them before each race starts

Parent Pre-Registration Form

If you would like to attend and cheer your student(s) on at the Fun Run please complete the pre-registration form HERE.

Student OPT OUT form: HERE


Color Dust Health Concerns




“The inhalation of any small particles could affect people with asthma (and those who have ever experienced reactive airway disease or other lung issues requiring an inhaler, short term or long term.) The colors used in the Color Run are in powder form (corn starch), which could irritate the airways of someone with asthma and result in an asthma flare-up, particularly if they have a sensitivity to corn.


People with asthma should be aware of the potential risk, and use their best judgement as to whether it will affect them, this should include consulting their GP to ensure it is safe to participate. If people with asthma are participating in the event they should ensure they take their preventer if prescribed leading up to the event, have a blue reliever puffer and spacer available and follow their written Asthma Action Plan or the Asthma First Aid Steps in the event they experience asthma symptoms.


Additional protective measures include wearing a facemask. We want the organisers to advise participants/spectators not to throw the powder in the face of runners.” (https://asthma.org.au/wp-content/uploads/Fact_sheets/FCTRE009_Asthma-and-Colour-Fun-Runs_V2_201906.pdf)

Exact powders being used:




NURSE JENN recommendations:

  • students with known history of reactive airway disease, asthma, allergies (especially to corn) wear a well-fitting mask or bandana over their nose and mouth to minimize the amount of powder inhaled. 
  • students may want to wear sunglasses or swim goggles to minimize powder in eyes





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