Hicks PTA Board Position Descriptions






Please refer to Hicks PTA Bylaws and Standing Rules for full descriptions.




The president is elected as the presiding officer and leads the PTA in cooperation with the other members of the executive board. 

  • Prepare written agendas and preside at all membership and board meetings.
  • Ensure your Local PTA meets all requirements of the Standards of Continuing Affiliation.
  • Ensure all members and dues are reported to Texas PTA in a timely manner, at least monthly.
  • Work with all board members to help meet their goals and required duties.
  • Sign all contracts which have been approved by the board.
  • Be an authorized signer on the bank account.
  • Foster an environment of open communication among all board members.
  • Appoint a Financial Reconciliation committee at least 30 days before the last membership meeting of the year. Appointments are subject to the approval of the board.
  • Represent Local PTA as a delegate to Council PTA, if applicable.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating and Financial Reconciliation committees.
  • Appoint a Parliamentarian

This is an elected position




PTAs offer a variety of programs for parents, students and educators to empower them with knowledge and new skills, all while building a sense of community within the school.

  • Serve as officer to be the second in line of communication/decision-making for PTA
  • Preside over designated standing and special committee chairs related to  PTA Programs,  Enrichment, Staff Support
  • See that PTA related needs of the school are being met

This is an elected position


VP2- Fundraising


Set and achieve fundraising goals that support PTA programs

  • Serve as officer to be the third in line of communication/decision-making for PTA
  • Preside over designated standing and special committee chairs related to PTA Fundraising
  • See that PTA related needs of the school are being met

This is an elected position




The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of all association proceedings.

  • Record the minutes of all PTA general and executive board meetings.
  • Maintain a roll call record at executive board meetings and general meetings. 
  • Serve as Officer to communication/decision-making for PTA 
  • Keep bylaws in order. 
  • Act as custodian of records pertinent to the history of THES PTA and present a written report to the association as the official history to be adopted at the annual meeting.  
  • Maintain a list of names of those who have completed the Texas PTA Foundations Leadership Orientation, with the dates each course was completed. 
  • Maintain the adopted ethics/conflict of interest policy as signed by the current executive board members. 
  • Maintain PTA file system in the PTA Room and distribute mail from the PTA mailbox to the appropriate board member’s mail file. 

This is an elected position




As authorized custodian of the funds of the association, receives and disburses all monies indicated in the budget and prescribed in the Hicks PTA Bylaws or as authorized by action of the association.

  • Serve as Officer to communication/decision-making for PTA 
  • Deposit all monies received in a timely manner.
  • Keep accurate records of all monies received and disbursed including bank statements, budgets, invoices and canceled checks in accordance with the records retention policy.
  • Give accounting of all expenditures and income at PTA Regular Membership meetings. 
  • Sign on bank account as one of two required signatures on all checks. 
  • Pay all bills and deposit all moneys into the PTA checking account.
  • File appropriate tax forms as needed.
  • Present books to Financial Reconciliation Committee as requested. 
  • Serve as chairman of the Budget & Finance committee. 
  • Create and update the budget as authorized by the regular membership. 
  • Work with other Officers and Board Members to resolve discrepancies/disputes that arise throughout the year.

This is an elected position




Advise on matters of parliamentary procedure and attend all Board and Regular meetings.  These meeting cannot proceed without the Parliamentarian being present.  Make sure meetings are conducted as specified in the bylaws.  Vote only when the vote is by ballot.


This position is appointed by the President.



STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS (Executive Board Positions)


Membership Oversee campaign to increase PTA membership each year, Submit records and dues to Texas PTA by established PTA deadlines, Maintain database of all PTA members, Chair the PTA Life Membership Award committee, Manage PTA Membership budget


Volunteers Solicit volunteers and organized the schedule for the copy room, workroom, lunch room and library, Work with Committee chairs for soliciting and signing up volunteers for PTA special events, Organize the teacher copy room/work room at the beginning of the school year, Train re-occurring volunteer positions on their job duties, Work with School Administration to provide volunteer names, Recognize “graduating” PTA volunteers at the completion of their oldest child’s 5th grade year, Manage Volunteer budget


Spirit Wear Oversee all aspects of school spirit wear: selections, purchases, sales, and inventory, Provide opportunity for purchase of PTA spirt wear at primary PTA events (including but not limited to Orientation, Meet the Teacher and Fall Festival), Work with incoming Spirit Wear chair to order spirt wear in the Spring for next school year, Manage approved Spirit Wear budget


Room Parent Chair Solicit volunteers for Room Parent and Grade Level Coordinator positions. Appoint Room Parent and Assistant Room Parent(s) for each classroom and one Grade Level Coordinator for each grade, Hold an orientation and planning meetings for Room Parents throughout the year, Serve as primary contact for Room Parents for questions and needs, Oversee all aspects and duties of room parent responsibilities for 3 classroom parties including Winter, Valentines, and End of Year and teacher birthday celebration, Manage budget for Classroom Party Fees, allocate appropriately, sign all check requests/reimbursements submitted related to Classroom Party fees, Work with School Administration to provide Room Parent names, Compile the Staff Favorites list at the beginning of the school year for distribution, Manage approved Classroom Party Fund budget


Council Delegate Act as liaison between school PTA and LISD Council PTA, Attend LISD PTA council meetings and report back to PTA executive board, Manage approved Council Delegate budget


Fall Festival Coordinate PTA Fall Festival as PTA Fall Fundraiser, Manage committee of volunteers with assigned tasks, Manage Fall Festival budget


Spring Fundraiser Coordinate a Spring Fundraiser for PTA (activity and level of fundraiser to be determined at beginning of each school year- examples: Fun Run, Spaghetti supper, pancake breakfast, parent/child kick ball tournament, etc.), Manage Spring Fundraiser budget


Staff Representative To be appointed by the Principal subject to the approval of the executive board, Facilitate communication PTA of events, activities and initiatives between PTA and Staff.


Administrator The Principal or in absence the Assistant Principal, Facilitates relationship between PTA with students, staff, parents and administration, Approves PTA initiatives, endeavors, and fund raisers prior to execution by PTA 





Book Fair Coordinator Coordinate and execute a Fall Book Fair and a Spring  Book Fair, Oversee all duties related to the Book Fair including running the book fair, ordering inventory, promoting the Book Fair, Work with volunteer chair to obtain volunteers to staff the Book Fair, Work with school administration to distribute information


Creative/Decorations Work in conjunction with teachers and other PTA board members and PTA funded events that need assistance with creative or decorations, Work with volunteer chair to obtain volunteers as necessary for creating, hanging, and removing decorations, Work within budget allocated.


Social Media Create posts/stories/reels on Hicks PTA Social Media accounts to promote our events and programs, through personal attendance or via photos, etc. sent from PTA board members.


Newsletter & Website Coordinator Compile news for the weekly Hick Howler online newsletter. Manage the HicksPTA.com website through Membership Toolkit, ensuring all pages are up to date and working properly. Work with committee chairs to build the online PTA "Stores" for our events through Membership Toolkit.


Staff Appreciation Coordinator Coordinate and execute all for faculty appreciation activities, Oversee all duties related to teacher appreciation week, Work with room parent coordinator for distribution of information to room parents. Manage approved teacher appreciation budget.


Staff Lunch Coordinator Work within budget to plan staff lunch dates, Oversee all aspects of serving lunches on designated dates, Manage approved staff luncheon budget.

Watch DOGS Coordinator Solicit dads and father figures to participate in Watch D.O.G.S for a volunteer day, Coordinate schedule with school office staff for available dates with advance scheduling per school procedure, Work with school administration to provide Watch D.O.G.S volunteer names.

School Supplies Packs Coordinator Secure a vendor for school supply packs, Work with teachers to determine list of supplies in wrap pack, Promote wrap packs in spring for next school year, Coordinate sales of extra wrap packs at parent orientation and meet the teacher, Work with school counselor for  school supply needs for students requiring financial support, Manage approved school supply pack budget, Work with treasurer for funding as needed from financial needs budget.

Supplemental Income Coordinator Oversee and manage the extra income programs available from grocery reward programs and restaurant spirit days. Manage approved supplemental income budget.

Homecoming Float Oversees the building of a float to ride in the Hebron Homecoming Parade and help coordinate Hicks family participation the day of the event. The float can be as simple or elaborate as you like


Fifth Grade Moving On Ceremony Oversees the Fifth Grade Moving On Celebration including invitations, decor, picture slideshow and cake/punch reception, Works with fifth grade teachers on a 5th grade student memory gift as budgeted by the PTA, Manage approved Moving on Ceremony Budget


Kinder Meet & Greet and Popcorn & Popsicles with the Principals Coordinator Oversees the planning and execution of kinder meet and greet event, and an event for families to spend time with the principals, prior to the school year starting, Work with Membership, Spirit wear and volunteer committees to provide the information to incoming kindergarten parents need to start the new school year, followed by an open event for the entire school, manage approved event budget.

Holiday Shop Coordinator Oversees the planning and execution of annual Holiday Shop event, Manage approved Holiday Shop budget, work with vendor to place original orders and reorders, create a schedule for classes to sign up to attend the shop

Reflections Coordinator Oversees the student submission reflection arts in education program held each fall by Texas PTA, Manage approved Reflections budget.

Spring Dance Coordinator Oversees the planning and execution of the annual dance, manage approved Spring Dance budget.


Birthday Marquee Coordinate with the Hicks staff representative in charge of marquee programming to include birthday announcements purchased.

Mascot Visit Coordinate Timbo birthday visits during lunch, with one committee member as Timbo and another as his guide. Get birthday gifts as ordered (cards,balloons, etc) 

Clean up and Organization Form a committee whose responsibilities include- keep the PTA closet tidy and organized and help return items to their appropriate storage places after events.


Lunch/Recess Duty Form a committee who will cover lunch and recess duty for all the teachers in each grade level once a month.


Veterans Day Program Form a committee who will work with the music teacher and other participating groups (Girls Scouts, etc) to execute the annual Veterans Day pragram, manage event budget.

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